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ask for help to visit with jr pass for osaka, kyoto, tokyo

Ask for help to visit with JR Pass for Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo

Hi All,

I planing the holiday to Japan in this coming November for 10 days. and below is the place i plan to visit.

Osaka-> Kyoto-> Nagoya-> Tokyo.

My Question are below
1- Can I use the JR Pass for those city I visit?

2- From City Kyoto -> Nagoya / Tokyo should i Reserving seats ?

Thank you! :)



Hi Guan,

1.) Yes, the JR Pass covers travel between all these cities and you can ride the bullet train too.

2.) I do recommend making seats reservations, although this is not really necessary on normal days. Also see this guide to reserving seats with the JR Pass.

Hope this helps!

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