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arriving early at haneda

Arriving early at Haneda

We are arriving early at Haneda (Sunday 05:15) and it appears the ticket exchange at that airport does not open until 11:00. Can we take the bus to Narita, where the ticket office opens at 06:30, and exchange our vouchers; that is, can we get into terminal 1 or terminal 2? Is there some other alternative?


Hi there,

That is a pretty early flight!

I think the best option for you is the JR ticket office and exchange centre at Tokyo station that will open at 7:30am. You'll probably be out of immigration by 6am, and so should then take the monorail and JR lines to Tokyo station (itinerary - 30 mins) getting you to Tokyo station for around 6:30. Although you'll have an hour or so wait at Tokyo before you exchange, it is a good terminal to base further travel on so should be very convenient. There are also lots of places to grab a spot of breakfast in and around the station.

Narita is on the other side of Tokyo to Haneda, and will take around 1 hour from Tokyo station itself, so I don't think you'll save any time that way.

Hope this helps!

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Yes it is pretty early :(

Your answer helps a lot! The itinerary link you provided was especially helpful. This is exaclty the information I was looking for.

Thank You!


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