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arrived in japan, lost exchange vouchers :(

Arrived in Japan, lost Exchange vouchers :(


Arrived yesterday in Tokyo & realised 2 x 7 day JR pass exhange vouchers have been lost somehow during the journey.

Can i buy new ones and get the old ones refunded at some point?

I want to goto kyoto, nara, osaka starting tomorrow. What are my options?

Emailed support yesterday, no response yet. Maybe dont work sundays.

Help appreciated.


You can get the old vouchers refunded, but there is a refund charge. As for sending new ones, it'd take a few days - it is not possible to have new ones sent to you in just one day.

You will need to buy regular fare train tickets, or look into a low cost carrier air ticket by Jet Star or Peach. Depending on where else you are going, you might be able to get some regional rail passes - but you cannot buy the full JR Pass from JR in Japan.

Is there no way you can find the original vouchers?


Hello there,

I am sorry to hear about the lost exchange vouchers. Unfortunately there's little we can do directly. The best thing would be if you have someone back home who could mail them.

We we also be in contact by e-mail to for further assistance.

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