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are the jr west &j jr east pass suitable for the trip? [osaka > kyoto > nara > hakone > kawagujiko > tokyo]

Are the JR West &J JR East pass suitable for the trip? [Osaka > Kyoto > Nara > Hakone > Kawagujiko > Tokyo]

I plan to travel from West to East. First start from Osaka in 4 days ---> Kyoto 1 day ---> visit Nara ---> Hakone --> Kawagujiko ---> The trip end in Tokyo

So, the JR West 5 days pass is suitable?[ for Osaka, Kyoto, Nara] and JR East Hakone, Kawagujiko, and Tokyo.

Besides, If I buy the separate Ticket for each province, It would be cheaper?

The information of JR East is a little bit confuse. I couldn't find the way to support traveling from Nara / Kyoto to Hakone with JR. Only have 'Nozomi' line which I could pay extra if I have the JR.

Anyone Help me, please! This is my first traveling trip. A lot confuse for me.

Thank You

Ps. Sorry for bad English.


Hi there,

For your trip I recommend purchasing normal tickets. Neither a JR East or JR West pass covers the route from Kyoto - Tokyo and a normal JR Pass required at least a return in order to pay off.

Hope this helps,

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