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are seat reservations free on the shinkansen?

Are seat reservations free on the shinkansen?

I just purchased the JRpass, and have a question regarding the "seat reservation" of Shinkansen.

I just checked the website of JR East, the Seat Reservation (Shitei Ken) cost about 5,500yen. My colleague told me that seat reservation cost just 1,500yen.

Could you tell me what is the cost for seat reservation of Shinkansen when you have a Japan Rail Pass?

Thank you for your time


All seat reservations are free for Japan Rail Pass holders - you just have to go to the ticket office, flash your Rail Pass and explain where and when you'd like to travel.

The only time when you may have to pay a surcharge really is on the Sleeper trains if you want to book a fancy bed cabin, although the straight 'sleeping on carpeted floor nobi nobi" cabins are also free for Japan Rail Pass.

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