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are all these areas covered by jrpass? should i get 14 or 21 days? japan trip on early sep 2015

Are all these areas covered by JRPass? Should i get 14 or 21 days? Japan Trip on early Sep 2015

Dear Sir,

With reference to the title above, kindly advise if all the areas from the itinerary below can be covered by JRpass. In addition, which one should i buy, 14 or 21 days? My intention is to visit main tourist spots. I've been to Kyoto and Osaka therefore, im going to skip these 2 cities.

Malaysia -> Tokyo -> (activate the JRpass) Kobe -> Fukouka + daytrip to Kitakyushu -> Hiroshima + daytrip to Miyajima -> Koyasan -> Kanazawa -> Shirakanago -> Takayama -> Nagoya -> Yokohama -> Sendai -> Sapporo + daytrip to Otaru + daytrip to Furano -> Hakodate -> Nikko -> Tokyo -> Malaysia

Thank you and expeditious reply is much appreciated


Hi there,

That is plenty of travel you plan on doing! You can make amazing savings using a JR Pass and I would definitively recommend going for a 21 day JR Pass given the amount of travel.

In terms of coverage, by far the most is covered. Some parts will requite additional transport. Mainly the route from Hiroshima - Koya-san (between Osaka and Koya-san) and the bus from Kanazawa to Shirakawago and from Shirakawago to Takayama.

Also consider traveling Green Class (1st Class), you will be spending a lot of time on the train and the extra comfort is well worth it if you ask me.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel-san,

Thanks for your prompt reply! The inform above are really good and useful! My final 2 questions are:

Question 1:

a) Is it recommended to activate the Jrpass once I arrived Japan; at Narita airport so that I can use the Jrpass to all the touristy spots in Tokyo.

My itinerary in Tokyo are:

Day 1- Harajuku,Shinjiku
Day 2- Shimokitazawa, Akiharaba, Shibuya
Day 3- Daikanyama, Nakameguro Neighbourhood, Studio Ghibli
Day 4- Ginza, Roppangi (Tokyo Tower), Atagu Jinja Temple (afternoon), Gundam and Rainbow Bridge

Day 5 (after Nikko) - Asakusa Temple, Ueno Park,Yamaka Town/Cemetery


b) Is it recommended to active the Jrpass after my 5 days in Tokyo and to
purchase the "one day unlimited" type of train tickets in Tokyo for 5 days?

by looking at all the places that I'm going to travel in Japan. I'll spend mostly 1 day for each place except for those with side trips.

Question 2:

Which of the trips that are possible to be combined into a single day / or can be taken out- based on your recommendation because I'm afraid some of the areas are not worth to visit?

Malaysia -> Tokyo (4 days) (activate Jrpass on 3rd day) -> Kobe (1 day) -> Fukouka + daytrip to Kitakyushu (2 days) -> Hiroshima + daytrip to Miyajima (2 days) -> Koyasan (1 day) -> Kanazawa (1 day)-> Shirakanago (1 day) -> Takayama (1 day) -> Nagoya (1 day) -> Yokohama (1 day) -> Sendai (1 day) -> Sapporo + daytrip to Otaru + daytrip to Furano (3 days) -> Hakodate -(1 day) > Nikko (1 day)-> Tokyo (1 day) -> Malaysia (use Jrpass to Narita airport)

By looking at the estimated days above, I might be able to activate my Jrpass on the third day in Tokyo.

Thanks in taking time to read my email. Appreciate your reply.


Amended the itinerary to capture the 21 days pass. is this feasible?

Airport to tokyo (4 days)
Arrive in the morning;
1- Asakusa Temple, Ueno Park,Yamaka Town/Cemetery
2- Harajuku,Shinjiku
3- Daikanyama, Nakameguro Neighbourhood, Studio Ghibli
4- Shimokitazawa, Akiharaba, Shibuya

Tokyo to Hiroshima (2 days)
-Roam around Hiroshima and halfday trip in Miyajima -Day trip in Fukuoka and Kitakyushu

Hiroshima to Koyasan (1 day)
- Roam around Koyasan

Koyasan to Takayama (3 days)
- Roam around Takayama - Day trip in Shirakawago (by bus) - Day trip in Kanazawa

Takayama to Yokohama (2 days)
- Roam around Yokohama - Daytrip in Nagoya

Yokohama to Sendai (1 day)
- Roam around Sendai

Sendai to Sapporo (3 days)
- Roam around Sapporo - Daytrip in Otaru - Daytrip in Furano

Sapporo to Hokodate (1 day)
- Roam around Hokodate

Hokodate to Tokyo (3 days)
- Arrive in the evening - Daytrip in Nikko - Daytrip in Tokyo; 5- Ginza, Roppangi (Tokyo Tower), Atagu Jinja Temple (afternoon), Gundam and Rainbow Bridge

Tokyo to Airport (morning) (1 day)

Please advise.

Thank you :)


Hello again!

I see you've been busy planning and it is also a busy itinerary. Still it is certainly possible to do it if you are up for it yourself.

Is there any part you would like feedback on in particular?

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Nope. I think it should be alright. Thanks a lot!


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