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april tokyo - osaka - kyoto - tokyo

April Tokyo - Osaka - Kyoto - Tokyo

Hi, I have a rough itinerary as below. How much would a JR rail pass cover or would you be able to suggest something that would make the most out of the Jr Pass?
Any itinerary would be much appreciated. We have not worked out the details but it's pretty much:-
Apr 7 - Arrive in Narita (abt 11am) plan to head straight to Osaka (would we be able to utilize the JR Pass here?)
Apr 8 - 10- Osaka/ Kyoto - would squeezing in Nara be pushing it?
Apr 11 - 15 - Tokyo. In these 4 days we plan to cover Mt Fuji (Lake Kawaguichiko incl. Chito Pagoda) and Disneyland. Maybe Yokohama.

How would a JR rail pass be best utilized?

Thank you!


Hi there!

I think the best way to use your JR Pass is to start using it right when you land in Japan. This way you can cover the full trip Narita Airport - Osaka with the JR Pass (both the Narita Express and Shinkansen are covered). In addition you can use it for a day trip to Yokohama or perhaps Mt Fuji once you return to Tokyo.

As for visiting Nara, I think that Osaka/Kyoto will give you more than enough to see and do for 3 days. Nara is best visited as (half) a day trip and I feel that it may take up too much of your time to really ''squeeze it in''. Then again, it is a very beautiful town and especially the big Buddha is very impressive. So you could do it but at the cost of limiting your time in Osaka/Kyoto/

Have a great trip!

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