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Hi my family and I are travelling from Nagano to Kyoto on Saturday. We have already the voucher for 7 day rail pass which we know to exchange for a pass at the station.

Can the pass be used for the bullet train? Do I need to book seats on the bullet train? If so how do I book? Where do I find information about the train departure times?



Hi Annie,

Yes, the pass can most certainly be used to ride the Bullet Trains (Shinkansen).
Please note that you ride all the shinkansen except those classified as Nozomi.
When you want to go somewhere, just go to a JR-Ticket office, show the clerk your JR-Pass and tell them where you would like to go. You will receive your tickets then and are now good to go!

Hyperdia is a great resource for planning your travel, it shows departure times, possible transfers and a lot more! If you are not yet familiar with it, I would recommend reading our blog post about it.

Hope it clears things up for you.

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