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airport trains, activation and other trains

Airport trains, activation and other trains


First time for me in Japan soon and we will get the Rail Pass to travel around but I have four question about/about/around this :)

1) Is the airport trains (NRT or KIX) included on these passes? If no, what does the airport train cost and how long time does it takes to city central?

2) Is it correct that if I buy a 7 day card this gets activated on the first train journey I do? Is the "activation-stamp" timed as well in that case? (ex: First journey 09:52 on 28 sep means that it expires 7 days later 09:52??)

3) We will be there for 10 days but I will buy a 7 day card. Where can I find information on what a normal ticket cost on a train and timetables??

4) If we don't order the Rail pass here online....where can you buy it when you're there and will the price be the same?




Hi there!

1.) Yes, both the Narita Express and Haruka Express (from KIX) are covered by the JR Pass. The Narita Express takes about an hour to reach inner Tokyo and the Haruka express about 80min to reach Kyoto.

2.) You can select a first day of use the moment that you activate your JR Pass, the JR Pass is valid for 7 consecutive days and the first day is counted as a full day. This mean that your pass will be valid until midnight of day 7.

3.) For normal ticket prices and other route information use Hyperdia. Don't forget to read our blog post on ''how to plan with Hyperdia'' to get your started.

4.) You can find a list of local re-sellers here. The price of the pass is the same but many resellers charge additional fees and or higher exchange rates. We keep a very accurate exchange rate to give you the best price possible! Feel free to take a look around as you won't find a better price quickly, if at all.

I hope this helps!

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