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advise on jr pass

Advise on JR pass

Hi there,

Will be going to Japan in december for the first time! I came across the Japan Rail Pass and was wondering if it would be a good choice to get it.

I will be in japan from 24 Dec 2016 - 08 Jan 2017.

24 Dec 2016 to 28 Dec 2016 - I will arrive at Narita Airport and will head straight to Osaka and will visit Kyoto and Nara within this 4 days
28 Dec 2016 - 08 Jan 2017 - I will be back to Tokyo and will visit some place outside of Tokyo which is the Hakone for Onsens, Zao Fox Village and to visit Ibaraki.

02 Jan 2017 - I will be going to zao fox village and Ibaraki

04-05 Jan 2017 - I will be going Hakone for Onsen

Initially I wanted to get 7 day JR pass but it seem like 7 day would not fit my itinerary. Would 14 day pass be more worth?

Could you advise me on the route as well for the itiniary that above?

Thank you so much.


Hi there,

A 7 day JR Pass is worth getting for your first 7 days alone. You will do most of your travel in this period and also cover the most expensive travel, such as to Kyoto and back to Tokyo.

Ibaraki and Hakone are relatively close to Tokyo and you would be fine there buying normal tickets or using a Hakone Free Pass.

I recommend learning to plan with Hyperdia this way you can find any route/time table and more. Its a great tool for planning with the JR Pass. We also have a useful interactive map with all JR lines included.

Hope this helps,

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Hello Daniel San,

Thank you for the swift reply.

According to Hyperdia, a trip from Tokyo to Shiroishizao station would cost around 9,590 Yen so the total cost to and fro would cost 19,180 Yen which is around SGD 251.

A 7 day pass cost around SGD 390 while a 14 day pass cost SGD 609 where the price difference is roughly SGD 219.

Wont it be cheaper to get the 14 day pass instead of buying separate ticket to Shiroishizao station and ticket back to tokyo?

Pardon me if i am wrong.



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