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activation of jr pass and shinkansen seat reservation in advance

Activation of JR Pass and Shinkansen seat reservation in advance


We have already got our 7 day JR Pass, but we plan to do the following:

We are arriving to Kyoto on 15 May, but we want to activate out JR Pass starting on day 19 May and get some Shinkansen seat reservations for 19 onwards, as we plan to do several trips staring on 19 until 25 (7 after the activation date). As we have already scheduled our trips we would like to get the train tickets as soon as possible as we have heard that the demand is high, specially on Shinkansen.

Is it possible to activate the JR Pass starting on 19 May and get the train tickets for the shinkansen just at our arrival date on 15 May? We would like to do this just at our arrival at Kansai airport train station or in Kyoto train station
Or do we have to wait until 19 May to activate the JR Pass and get the train tickets in advance?

Thanks in advance!


Hello there,

Yes, you can exchange the JR Pass the moment that you are in Japan and select a first day of use for a later point in time up to 30 days. After this you can also make any seat reservation you may like (for the validity period of the JR Pass).

Hope this helps,

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It does!

Many thanks Daniel


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