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activation of jr pass

Activation of JR pass

may i know can the JR-7 day pass be used directly on the same day for my trip from osaka going to tokyo right after activation in JR office once i arrive to kansai airport?
my flight arriving kansai is on 5.40pm and would like to directly travel to tokyo straight on the same day..

Between, can the JR-7day pass use for this LTD. EXP SUNRISE IZUMO ? This sunrise train cannot be reserved online right? if the JR-7 day pass cover for this train? where can i reserve the train if i wanted to travel from tokyo to osaka by this midnight train? will it be normally fully booked during late april ? How many days before should i secure the seat for this train ?

Thank you.


Hi there,

Yes, the JR Pass can be used right away from Kansai Airport to Tokyo.

The Sunrise express is covered but it may be hard getting tickets on arrival, its not possible to reserve online. Tickets are generally sold out in the weekend but you may have a chance on week days. Tickets can be reserved in person at any JR station in Japan.

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In such case, if i buy JR 7 day pass, Is it possible that if I ask for my friend in japan to help in reserving the LTD. EXP SUNRISE IZUMO in advance before I can reach japan to activate my JR pass? Or must the JR pass be activated first before doing any reservation including the LTD. EXP SUNRISE IZUMO ?


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