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activating the jr pass at narita

Activating the JR Pass at Narita

We are arriving at Narita on April 7 and taking a limousine bus to Fuchinobe Station. We bought our JR Passes for April 8 thru April 14. Can we activate the JR Passes on the 7th at Narita even though we are not going to use them until the 8th through the 14th? Can I activate them at Fuchinobe Station? If not, how about Tokyo Station or where is the best place to activate them close to Fuchinobe Station?


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Yes, activating the JR Pass at Narita Airport is no problem. You can select a first day of use, so you don't have to start using it right away.

Note that it i not possible to do so at Fuchiobe, Tokyo station is possible.

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Thank you, Daniel san.


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