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acquire jr pass after arriving in japan

Acquire JR Pass After Arriving in Japan

I couldn't find an answer for this anywhere, so:
I arrived in Japan a month ago, but my dad and his friend want to come up and visit me in December. We'll all have the Tourist Visas, with that fancy stamp.
My question is: Can they buy a JR Pass for me in the U.S., even though I'm already in Japan?

Would someone block my ability to transfer the voucher for a JR Pass because I was in Japan when the voucher was purchased?


Hi there!

That's absolutely no problem! The only condition that has to be met is that the JR Pass was purchased by someone not already in Japan (and of course, there's the 90 day tourist visa). So either your dad or friend can purchase one for you and bring it with him to Japan (or just send it to you). Just be sure that they put in your name when filling in the order form.

I hope this helps!

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Awesome! :D

Thanks so much!


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