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accidently put only one n in last name instead of two.

accidently put only one N in last name instead of two.

This might sound utterly stupid to ask, but since there are no passport tickets on the reservation JR passports I have to ask, still have one week to go, we got the tickets - I ordered for my friend and myself, just that her last name in her passport has two "N"s, unlike the tickets I ordered... so.. will it be a problem?


Hi there,

The honest answer is: it depends on the clerk at JR. I certainly know of people who's name has been misspelled on their pass who have been successful, but can't guarantee it.

If you placed your order with us, please contact our support team at: with your order number and we'll be happy to help (Sooner the better if you are leaving in 1 week)!


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