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9d trip - 3d kyoto & 1d hakone+mt fuji & 5d tokyo

9D trip - 3D Kyoto & 1D Hakone+Mt Fuji & 5D Tokyo


I'm arriving at Tokyo Narita airport in Oct and flying off from Tokyo at end of 9days.
This is my draft itinerary for now.
Want to ask if its worthwhile to get JR Pass and which areas it wouldn't cover.
I just found out trains and buses for Mt Fuji and Hakone are not covered in JR Pass?
Anyone knows if the sights around Kyoto are covered in JR pass?

Day1: Arrive Narita and zip direct to Kyoto and spend next 3 days visiting temples, shrines, Nara deer Park..
Day4: Mt Fuji & stay 1 night at Hakone/Mt Fuji
Day5-9: Eating and shopping in Tokyo


The JR Pass covers virtually all JR trains and routes, the biggest exception being the fastest bullet trains (Nozomi and Mizuho). It does not cover city subways, city buses etc. So it is of limited use in most cities. For Tokyo you could use it on the Yamanote line, which loops around central Tokyo and does go to many popular tourist places. But in Kyoto you could only use it to go from Kyoto Stn. to Arashiyama (western Kyoto).
You are correct that the JR Pass won't help much for Hakone. But there is another pass you can buy that will help:

Since you are spending so much time in Tokyo, while your pass is still valid, you could take a day trip to see Nikko which is well worth seeing. Taking at least half a day to see Kamakura is also very nice.


Hi there,

Even though the JR Pass does not cover local travel around Fuji/Hakone, I do think that it is an interesting option for your itinerary. As a 7 day JR Pass is almost the same price as a normal return ticket Tokyo - Kyoto using the Shinkansen. From there, any additional travel is what you would save.

The JR Pass can be used for travel to Hakone as well. Odawara station is the Shinkansen stop for Hakone, from there local (non JR) transport runs throughout the area.

Hope this helps,

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