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9 days trip tokyo + kawaguchiko+ osaka + kyoto + kobe

9 Days trip Tokyo + Kawaguchiko+ Osaka + Kyoto + Kobe

I will be travelling to Japan in June 2015. Below is my initial itinerary and i have a few questions to seek help.

Day 1: Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo Narita Airport in the morning, straigt to Kawaguchiko (Kawaguchiko overnight)
Day 2: Noon time, Kawaguchiko to Osaka (Osaka overnight)
Day 3: Osaka-Kyoto (Arashiyama Scenic train/Fushimi Inari shrine/Kinkakuji), (Osaka overnight)
Day 4: Osaka to Kobe, noon time back to Osaka, (Osaka overnight)
Day 5: Noon time, Osaka to Toyko ( Tokyo overnight)
Day 6: Tokyo (Harajuku/Shibuya) or (Odaiba/Tokyo Tower)- ( Tokyo overnight)
Day 7: Tokyo (Disneyland)-(Tokyo overnight)
Day 8: Tokyo-(Tokyo overnight)
Day 9: Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur (early morning)

May i know:
1. Is my itenary alright?
2.How can i fully utiilize JR pass?
3. Can advise me which train route i should use for each journey?
4. Do i need to purchase Kansai tru pass when i travel in Osaka-Kyoto-Kobe?
5. I am currently working in Singapore but will flew from Malaysia, can i purchase the 7D JR pass in Singapore?

Appreciate your comment. Thank you very much.



Hello there,

1.) The itinerary looks good, the route from Kawaguchiko is pretty long though. So be sure to plan for it in advance. It's all good for the rest.

2.) I'd advise using the JR Pass for Day 1 - 7, this will get you the best value out of the JR Pass by far! Especially since you can cover your arrival in Tokyo, the train to and from Osaka and a lot of local travel as well.

3.) Here is the route Kawaguchiko - Osaka there's quite a number of transfers as you can see. All other routes are basically direct routes between the cities.

4.) The JR Pass will cover this route for you, no need to purchase any other tickets/passes.

5.) You could try to find an local re-seller, additionally you can order the JR Pass Online HERE.

Hope this helps,

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Dear Daniel,

Thank you for your prompt reply.
Wondering if i should travel from Kawaguchiko - Kyoto- osaka or Kawaguchiko - osaka better?

Thanks :)


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