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9 days 8 night - osaka->tokyo->lake yamanaka->kyoto->osaka

9 days 8 night - Osaka->Tokyo->Lake Yamanaka->Kyoto->Osaka

Trip from November 8 to November 16 - 2016

Nov 8 to Nov 9 = Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Osaka (KIX) , travelling around Osaka area and stay 1 night.
Hotel info: (

Nov 9 to Nov 10 = Take JR train (not sure which route yet) to Tokyo, travelling around Tokyo area and stay 1 night in Tokyo (Shinjuku area)

Nov 10 to Nov 11 = From Tokyo to Lake Yamanaka, travelling area include: Lake Yamanaka, Lake Kawaguchi and stay at Guest house Hotorinite
Hotel info: ( for 1 night, need advise on how to get to this hotel with JR pass or other options available with lower cost.

Nov 11 to Nov 14 = Travel from Lake Yamanaka to Kyoto and stay 4 nights in Kyoto, travelling area covers all the famous landmark in Kyoto.
Hotel info: (

Nov 14 to Nov 15 = Back from Kyoto to Osaka, stay Osaka for 1 night.
Hotel info-address: (Kitakagaya , 1-8-9 Gran Build Kitakagaya, Osaka City , Suminoe-ku, Osaka Prefecture 559-0011, Japan)

Nov 16 = A morning in Osaka, travel back to Malaysia on evening flight.

Need advise and break down on the transportation fees on the itinerary above with JR pass 7 days covered and without JR pass, need advise on the comparison and should i go for the JR pass for this schedule.



Hi there,

Looking at your itinerary, it would be more economic to buy normal tickets than a JR Pass. This is because the amount of ticket cost is simply lower than the cost of a JR Pass.

I also recommend learning to Plan with Hyperdia this way you can find any route yourself.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the replied!

I used the JR fare calculator, it showed that my savings as below :

Your Itinerary: 31,520 JPY

7 days JR pass: 29,110 JPY

Your savings with JR Pass:2,410 JPY

Are you able to list down why my itinerary is more economic without JR?

Please advise thanks.


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