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7days in japan

7days in Japan

I have plan to go to tateyama alpine route , Matsumoto , Nagano, in 3days back to Tokyo.
Then I will go to Kawaguchiko and stay for 1night after back to Tokyo
Maybe take a 1Day trip to Kamarura

Should I buy JR pass and which type of ticket is suitable for my plan?
And do I need an extra non-JR ticket in any areas?

Thank you for your advice


Hi there!

I think that you've got a very nice and interesting plan for Japan, let's have a look at ticket prices and see if we can match a JR Pass to your travel.

Tokyo - Toyama ¥ 11,910
The JR Pass covers travel up to Toyama, from there you can use the Toyama Chiho Railway Tateyama Line for the last part to Toyama (¥ 1,200yen).
Toyama - Matsumoto ¥ 6,750
Matsumoto - Nagano ¥ 2,840
Nagano - Tokyo ¥ 8,200
Tokyo - Otsuki ¥ 2,820 covered by the JR Pass. The last part to from Otsuki - Kawaguchiko is travelled on the Fujikyu line which requires a separate fare of ¥ 1,140yen
Osuki - Tokyo ¥ 2,820, return (same as above)
Tokyo - Kamakura return ¥ 1,840

For a total of ¥ 37,180 or ¥ 8,070 in savings as the 7 day JR Pass is ¥ 29,110. In addition you can also use the JR Pass for local travel around Tokyo and travel to the Airport, possibly adding even more to your savings.

Hope this helps!


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