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7day pass

7day pass

Hello. I am planing on buying a 7 day pass for three adults. We arrive on a Sunday, and would like to take the Narita Express into Tokyo, Sunday evening. We will be wrapping up our trip the following Sunday in Kyoto. I would like to take the train the following Sunday morning from Kyoto to Narita. Would the 7 day pass be invalid Sunday morning? If so, would you recommend just buying an individual ticket for the Narita Express upon landing the first day? Lastly, if so, can we still activate our JRpasses at Narita upon landing even if we don't want the 7 days to start until the following day? Thank you so much.


Hi there!

I'm afraid that if you start your rail pass on the Sunday, the last day of validity will be the following Saturday.

Because the following Sunday you intend to do expensive bullet train travel, I recommend you activate your JR Pass on arrival at Narita on the Sunday, specifying a starting date as the next day (Monday) - on activation you can specify a starting date for your validity anytime within a 1 month period. I then recommend you purchase at Narita Express + Suica Card discount single which will get you into Tokyo and also give you ¥1500 of travel on the metro effectively for free.

BTW - If the Narita Exchange Office is too busy you also have the option of activating your rail pass on Monday once you are in Tokyo.

I hope this helps!

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