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7/14? + koyasan

7/14? + Koyasan

Dear JR team,
Please help me decide what JR pass I should buy and what's the best way how to get to Koya San ;)

I am arriving to Narita 15.11.
I am gonna be in Tokyo till 22.11.
I do plan some days trips though
(Nikko for sure, Maybe Kamakura and Yokohama) + probably using the monorail and metro if needed

Going to Kyoto 22.11.
To Nara 24.11.
To Koyasan 25.11.

Then 27.11. Back to Tokyo and then back to Amsterdam at 29.11.

I would like to know if I should buy 14 or 7 days JR pass to only cover trip to Kansai
+ I am traveling to Koyasan from Nara and there seemes to be only transport where JR pass cannot be used.
May you give me advise?


Hello there,

I think you will be fine with a 7 day JR Pass and a bit of strategic planning. The most expensive trips in your itinerary are travel from Tokyo - Kansai (and back) and the day trip to Nikko.

You could do the following, activate the JR Pass on 21/11 then make the day trip to Nikko and the following day travel to Kansai. This would give you the best possible savings.

From Koya-san to Nara, there is indeed no JR line here. You can use the Nankai railway company instead but a normal ticket is required. Its only a local train, which means that the ticket price is not that high.

Hope this helps,

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