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7 vs 14 days japan rail pass

7 vs 14 days japan rail pass

Hi Daniel-san,

we will be visiting japan as a couple in may for 14 days with the itinerary below,

1 day arrival in haneda airport
3 days in tokyo city
1 day in nara
1 day in fujigoko for the shibazakura festival
2 days in takayama
1 day in shirakawa
1 day in kanazawa
2 days in kyoto city
1 day in nara
2 days in osaka
departure from osaka kansai airport

with this itinerary, which pass will be most suitable? 7 or 14 days? also I notice that they have other passes available for tours such as the Osaka Amazing Pass and All Nikko Pass.

with so many options available to compare, with I am finding it a little difficult to decide and I need your advice.

thanks in advance


Hello there,

I would at least recommend using a 7 day JR Pass for travel from Tokyo - Nara .. Kyoto. You will be travelling a lot in this period and you can make very good savings using a 7 day JR Pass.

I am basing this on your 1 day in Nara after Tokyo, however this seems slightly out of place, could it be Nikko? My advise remains the same if its Nikko but maybe different if you would visit somewhere else.

Hope this helps,

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