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7 or 14 days ticket??

7 or 14 days ticket??

My wife and I will be arriving in Japan on June 16th and leaving June 30th. We would like to spend some days in Tokyo and would like to visit Tokoyana, Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima. Our plan at this stage is:
June 16-18: Tokyo
19-20 Tokoyana
21- 25 Osaka (with a trip to Hiroshima)
26-27 Kyoto
28 -29 Tokyo
30 Narita

We are trying to work out if it is worth our while getting a 7 day or a 14 day pass.

a. If we bought a 7 day pass (for June 21-27) and added the return trip to Tokoyana, how much would that cost in total?
b. If we buy the 14 day pass can we use it within Tokyo and how much would that save us compared to if we bought daily tickets within Tokyo?
c, Can we use bullet trains using the JR Rail Pass from Tokyo - Tokoyana, Tokyo - Osaka, Osaka - Hiroshima, Osaka- Kyoto?
d. Can we travel directly from Tokoyana to Osaka? If so, how long would that take? Or are we better off going back to Tokyo and then catching a train from Tokyo to Osaka

This itinerary is not locked in so any advice would be welcome Thank you very much for this service.


Hi there,

Looking at your itinerary I do think that a JR Pass would offer great value. Especially with the visit to Hiroshima added in.

Going to your question,

a.) I could not find Tokoyana on the map, did you perhaps mean Toyama or Tokuyama?
Although I do understand your question. Upgrading from a 7 day JR Pass to 14 day JR Pass would be worth it if you can at least cover the price for the upgrade in normal ticket costs. Which is 17,280yen.

b.) This would depend on the amount of travel you do within Tokyo and surrounding area. The JR Pass however is valid for travel between Narita - Tokyo as well, which alone would give you 3,000yen in savings.

c.) Yes these routes are all covered!

d.) Again, please let me know if I should update my map with Tokoyana or if it is an other place that you are referring to.

Hope this helps,

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