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7 or 14 days pass

7 or 14 days pass

I will be traveling to Japan at end of September, after some research this is my planned itinerary;

26-sep arrival TOKYO
27-sep TOKYO
28-sep TOKYO
01-oct KYOTO
02-oct KYOTO
03-oct KYOTO
04-oct NAGOYA
05-oct NAGOYA
06-oct HAKONE
07-oct TOKYO
08-oct TOKYO
09-oct RETURN

We are basically traveling 8 days but fm Tokyo we also plan day trips. Would you recommend the 7 or 14 day pass ?
Any other suggestions for my trip. I guess we will have to return anyhow !! too many nice things to explore. Thanks in advance.


Hi there,

You could either consider a 7 day or 14 day JR Pass as both would help you make savings.
I would advise the 7 day JR Pass if you could adjust your plans a little. The best way to use the 7 day JR Pass would be to start using it on the 29th until the 5th. The 5th would be the last day of the JR Pass and you could really make the most of it if it would be possible to travel on to Hakone. So what I am wondering is if you could take a late evening train to Hakone on the 5th and stay the night there instead of Nagoya. This would really help you make good savings.

If this does not work, go for the 14 day JR Pass. This would give you extra flexibility and you could make day trips from Tokyo without worry. For instance, Nikko - Kamakura and Yokohama make for great trips or you could even go up north to Sendai if you feel adventurous.

Hope this helps!

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Daniel you are the best expert !! congrats.
I feel that maybe 14 days as you say gives my more flexibility. Travelling the 5th at night may be difficult because we plan to be at the F1 in Suzuka that Sunday. I would love to go to Nikko-Kamakura and Yokohama but feel I have to much on my plate…. In kyoto I would like to visit Osaka, Kobe and Nara. From Hiroshima I would like to spend the day at Miyajima…. I was thinking of saying at the Grand Prince is this very uncomfortable for traveling (maybe I should stay in Granvia downtown…. I would love to buy a booklet t read in the trains, can you recommend. the waebsite of japan-guide is very helpful but I would need wifi during my entire trip…. THanks for all your assistance.


Hi again!

I've been looking for you and found a pocket called Japan by rail. This may be interesting to read. Also the lonely planet guide is a good point to start.

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