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7 or 14 days of jrpass?

7 or 14 days of JRpass?


Here's the route we want to cover in 14 days. Hope,its not so overwhelming and kind of do-able in 14 days.
Arrival and departure will be to/from Tokyo Narita.

Could you help us decide which rail pass to go for?

Can we save some by going for 7day pass and use single tickets for the remaining part?

November 1- Tokyo
November 2- Tokyo
November 3,4,5- Kyoto and Nara
November 6,7- Wakayama
November 8- Osaka
November 9- Kanazawa
November 10 Shirakawago
November 11- Takayama
November 12- Tokyo-(intraday)Hakone
November 13- Tokyo-(intraday) Nikko
November 14- Tokyo

Many thanks in advance,



Hello Fazli,

I think using a 14 day JR Pass will be the best option for your itinerary. I can't really match a 7 day JR pass to your itinerary and there is plenty of travel for a 14 day JR Pass to help you make savings.

Especially the added day trips to Hakone and Nikko make a big difference.

Hope this helps,

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