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7 or 14 day rail pass

7 or 14 Day Rail Pass

I am travelling to Japan from Australia with my friend. We arrive in Tokyo and will be staying in Tokyo for 10 nights, we will then travel to Osaka and spend 5 nights there and then spend 2 nights in Kyoto on the way back to Tokyo. We then fly back to Australia after our final two days in Tokyo. Would it be more economical to buy a 7 day JR pass or a 14 day one? I thought about just getting a 7 day pass for our trip to Osaka/Kyoto. But can you use the JR rail pass much around Tokyo or is it more for long distant travels. While in Tokyo we would probably just be using the Odakyu, Keio and Yamanote train lines the most. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi there!

I think going for a 7 day JR Pass is the best choice! You can use the JR Pass on the JR network in Tokyo as well but travel around Tokyo is not very expansive and the JR Pass is better used for longer distances and day trips.

Also the Odakyu and Keio fall outside of the JR coverage area and the JR Pass does not cover travel on these lines.

Have a great trip!

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