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7 or 14 day rail pass

7 or 14 day rail pass

Like so many others, I'm debating whether to buy a 7 or 14 day rail pass. Traveling in mid-April, I'll go first from Tokyo to Kyoto and back with some side trips out of Kyoto. That trip is worth the 7 day pass. At the end of my two week visit, I'll be traveling Tokyo-Hakone area and back. I can't decipher the schedules sufficiently to see if a 14 day pass would be worth it, And then there is the Hakone Free Pass,, and I can't figure out if this replaces some of the Tokyo-Hakone transportation expenses.
Any advice is welcome.


Hi Nancy,

As you say, a return to Kyoto from Tokyo + side trips will cover a 7 day pass. To make a 14 day pass worthwhile over a 7 day + tickets you'll have to spend an extra ¥16,800 in tickets.

If the Tokyo<>Hakone trip is the only travel you plan to do in addition to Tokyo<>Kyoto, then the Hakone Free Pass return at ¥5000 from Shinjuku + 7 day Japan Rail Pass would be the best option. Do you intend on doing more travel than this?


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