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7 days jrp

7 days JRP

Hi there,

We are going to arrive Osaka on 5th April evening and leaving Osaka on 14th April morning.This trip is mainly for the Cherry Blossoms. Is this a good timing? We will stay in Osaka until 8th April then go to Kyoto for 4days and return to Osaka for the last 2 days. We are planning to do some day trips from Osaka to Nara,Hiroshima, Takayma and Kanazawa. Does the 7days JR Pass cover the above trips? When should I activate the pass? Can you please sugguest an itinerary? Would it be better to stay in Osaka for the whole trip and make day trip to Kyoto as well? Thank you in anticipation.


Hi there!

The Sakura is scheduled to start in Osaka on the 27th of March so you'll be just in time I think!

I can confirm that the JR Pass will cover all of your trips, so you should be fine I think. I recommend spending a few days in Osaka first before activating your pass will give you the best experience - how about activating it on the 8th-14th?

Personally, I like Kyoto, but accommodation will be more economical and varied in Osaka and it has a much better nightlife. The train is only 20mins between Osaka and Kyoto so you would be able to travel between the areas easily I think.

Hope this helps!

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