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7 days japan adventure :)

7 Days Japan Adventure :)


Will be going to Japan on Sept 2-8, entry point is Kansai International Airport. Will be arriving around 10PM.
We are planning to stay for the night and get our JR pass early in the morning.

Here's a rough draft our itinerary.

Sept 2- Arrival in kansai
Sept 3 - Early morning train to Tokyo ETA arrival at Tokyo about 11:30AM (Will be staying 2 nights in Tokyo)
Sept 4 - Tokyo tour
Sept 5 - Mt Fuji tour in the AM? then head out to Kyoto after lunch (will be staying either Kyoto/Osaka)
Sept 6 - Osaka Tour/Kyoto Tour
Sept 7 -Nara/Kobe
Sept 8 - Return Flight to Manila in the evening

All comments and suggestions to improve or maximize our trip would be very much appreciated?

I also have some question and hopefully will get clarity and directions :)

  1. Should I we get a JR pass for this itinerary or just get an ordinary ticket? How much would be the price difference? :)
  2. Budget hotels/hostels in Tokyo
  3. Cheaper stay Kyoto or Osaka?

All comment s and suggestion are very much welcome :)


Hi there,

1.) Yes a 7 day JR Pass would give you good savings. The 7 day JR Pass is about the same price as a normal return ticket Osaka/Kyoto - Tokyo using the Shinkansen. Any addition travel you will do, basically is what you save using the JR Pass. For instacen travel to Nara, Kobe, within Tokyo on the JR network and to and from Kansai Airport.

2.) I don't have any specific recommendations for hotels. As we all have different wishes and budgets when it comes to finding accommodations. However I would recommend using booking websites that specialize in Japan, these generally have more properties you can stay at and better rates. For example Japanican and Rakuten travel. Hostelworld is also a very good place for budget accommodations.

3.) Both Osaka and Kyoto have a good range of options to stay at. One is not cheaper to stay at than the other by definition. However I personally prefer Kyoto as it is cleaner and feels less cramped than Osaka.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your reply. Definitely helped a lot! :)

Follow up question on our 4th day itinerary (Tokyo-Hakone/Mt. Fuji-KYOTO). What is the best way to go about this trip?

Our end in mind is just to get a closer/scenic view of Mt. Fuji.



Hi again!

Personally I would head to Hakone, as its Shinkansen station (Odawara) is directly on the route Tokyo - Kyoto. Hakone has a lot to offer in terms of seeing and doing. So it is a trip worth making, even if Fuji is hidden in the clouds.

See this page for more about Hakone.

Hope this helps,

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