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7 days in tokyo - osaka - kyoto

7 days in Tokyo - Osaka - Kyoto

I have been reading a lot from previous postings, trying to find the itinerary closest to mine and think it is not advisable to get the 7 days JR Pass. But nevertheless, I would appreciate it if you could confirm it or advice otherwise. My travel itinerary is arriving Tokyo Haneda at 11 p.m. As I have read previous postings that it is still possible to try the shuttle bus or train to our hotel Keikyu EX In, is it true?

I did some calculation of my own and it shows that if I get the JR Pass for the following itinerary, it is not worth it.

Day 1 - Tokyo to Mount Fuji and Hakone and back to Tokyo
Day 2 and 3 - Moving around Tokyo
Day 4 - Intend to take the Shinkansen Train to Osaka
Day 5 - Osaka to Kyoto day trip
Day 6 - Osaka to Kyoto or Nara or Kobe day trip
Day 7 - Osaka Kansai Airport

Would I be wasting time if I do day trips to Kyoto. Can't decide whether to stay a night in Kyoto.

I would appreciate your opinion. Thank you!

S.W. K. Lumpur

Hi S.W.,

It would indeed be best to buy normal tickets for your travel. As you may have read, a JR Pass would have been useful if you made a return Tokyo - Osaka but it's not too handy for a one way trip.

Arriving at 11 pm at Haneda is indeed somewhat late, however there are indeed buses going into Tokyo until 12:30 or so, meaning you've got more than enough time. The arrival procedure at Haneda is very quick.

As for Kyoto, it is only a 30min trip between Osaka and Kyoto so it's very easy to make day trips.

Hope this helps!

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Dear Daniel San,

Thank you for your reply. It was very helpful. I will take your advice and do just that.


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