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7 days - when does it start to count?

7 days - when does it start to count?

I bought a JR Pass and I key in the travel date as 22-Nov-2014.
As I bought the 7 days pass, it'll expire on 28-Nov-2014.

Question is how does the 7 days being calculated?
Does it starts strictly from the day I key in, for my case 22-Nov-2014 or from the day I start the 1st travel?

I'm worried that I have made a mistake in the key-in date as actually, I need to use Sinkanshen on 27-Nov and 29-Nov.
if I go by the 7 days per my key in date, then I can't use the pass on 29-Nov anymore.

Pls help to advise.


Hello there,

The JR Pass is counted in 7 consecutive days and the first day is counted as a full day. You can select the first day of use the moment that you arrive in Japan and exchange the JR Pass. This can differ from the dates you put in during the order process.

More details are below:

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel-san,
Your response is much appreciated.
thanks a lot.


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