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7 day ticket is it worth it?

7 day ticket is it worth it?

Hello, We need advice about our honey moon in Japan. We are going to spend 10 days in Japan: 4days Osaka, 2or3 in Kanagawa, 4 days in Tokyo.
1. Is the JRP worth it if we do not use it return osaka-tokyo-osaka?
2. Should we buy it for the beginning or the end of our trip?
3. How good is the network really as we will be travelling from and to Osaka and Tokyo to different touristic attractions?
4. Is it easier to get from the airport in Osaka to the centre or from Tokyo to NRT without the pass?


Hi Tina,

1 and 2.) It depends on how much travel you will do. Tokyo - Osaka is pretty pricey and just a return already pays for the JR Pass. Though looking at your itinerary, I think the best option would be to purchase normal tickets, because normal ticket price are below the cost of a JR Pass.

3.) The rail network is the best in the world, hands down on that. If you want to find how to access an attraction, just google attraction name + access.

4.) Both cities have direct connection to the airport and I don't think there's that much difference.

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Thank you Daniel-san for your advice. We have bought the JR pass anyway :)


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