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7 day pass question.

7 day pass question.

Tentative Itinerary
23rd - 29th 7 day pass first class
22nd Flying into Fukuoka from Hokkaido
24th Use JR Pass Bullet Train from Fukuoka to Kyoto
26th Use JR Pass Bullet Train from Kyoto to Aichi or Nagoya
27th Use JR Pass Bullet Train from Aichi or Nagoya to Tokyo

In this case, my main goal is to use the JR pass for Bullet train transportation to different locations. I plan on getting the 7 day first class pass. I wanted to book my bullet trains a day or two prior, would this be possible at the Midori no Mado Guchi?
My main concern was since I have the JR pass activated from 23rd - 29th am I still able to book the 24th Bullet train to Kyoto on the 22nd.

Also, based on this itinerary, where would I pick up my JR Pass? I would assume since I arrive at Fukuoka airport at around 17:15, the only office is the JR-Kyushu ticket office... But where exactly is this? Inside of the Hakata station?

Thank you!


Hi there,

Yes you can make seat reservations the moment that you are in Japan at a Midori no Madoguchi or a JR Travel centre. You can exchange the JR Pass before you start using it and select the first day of use up to 30 days in the future. At this point you can start making seat reservations, even if you will use the JR Pass on a later date.

To get a JR Pass, please post an order HERE, after we will send you an activation voucher by mail, which you can then exchange in Japan for the actual rail pass. You can do so at (inside of) Hakata Station.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you Daniel! Will order soon once airplane tickets are booked!


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