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7-day pass or not?

7-Day Pass or Not?


My husband and I will be spending 7 days in Japan. First time there; our hotel is in Tokyo.

We plan to spend 5 days exploring Tokyo, 1 day in Yokohama, and 1 day in Hakone, in no specific order.

Would you recommend that we purchase a 7-day pass even though the pass is not valid for Hakone?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Hi there,

Yokohama and Hakone are both pretty close to Tokyo, both within 40 minutes of travel time. A JR Pass is better used when exploring Japan in a larger area and therefor I would suggest buying normal tickets.

However do keep the JR Pass in mind, even a day trip to Kyoto could already make the JR Pass worth your money.

Have a good journey!

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