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7 day pass info

7 day pass info


I am planning a trip to Japan in late March and would like to check if a JR pass would be best value. I will be staying in Osaka from 29 March until 3 April and will travel from Hiroshima to Tokyo on 5 April.

Osaka - Kyoto (30 March)

Osaka - Nara (01 April)

Osaka - Hiroshima (03 April)

Hiroshima - Tokyo (05 April)

If I understand correctly, I will be able to use my 7 day pass from 30 March, when I intend to take day trips from Osaka to Nara, Kyoto and Hiroshima, and then use the pass on the 7th day from Hiroshima to Tokyo. In Tokyo, I should consider buying a Suica pass for the 5 days I am there

Can I also confirm that I am able to use any train except Nozomi and Mizuho, and I can use the pass for the ferry from Hiroshima to Miyajima Island?

Many thanks in anticipation.

I can’t wait to arrive!


Hello there.

The most expansive part by far is Osaka - Hiroshima (¥ 10,440) and Hiroshima - Tokyo (¥ 19,080). Now compare this to the price of a 7 day JR Pass (¥ 29,110) and you'll already making savings! The JR Pass can also be used for your other travel, so it's a great deal.

The Nozomi and Mizuho services are indeed not included, you can however use all other Shinkansen. Such as the Hikari and Sakura Shinkansen. The Ferry to Miyajima is also included in the JR Pass.

Hope this helps and have a great time in Japan!

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Many thanks for your reply! :)


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