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7 day or 14 day pass?

7 Day or 14 Day Pass?


I will be traveling to Japan in a week and this is my itinerary:

Sun - arrival in Tokyo
Mon - Tokyo
Tues - Tokyo
Wed - Tokyo to Hiroshima
Thurs - Hiroshima
Fri - Hiroshima to Koyasan
Sat - Koyasan to Kyoto
Sun - Kyoto
Mon - Kyoto
Tues - Kyoto to Tokyo
Wed - Tokyo (potential day trip to Nikko)
Thurs - Tokyo
Fri - Tokyo
Sat - Tokyo
Sun - leave from Tokyo

Plans until the second Monday in Kyoto are confirmed. The remaining 6 days are still being finalized.

I was thinking of getting a 7 day pass and activating it on the first Wednesday when I travel to Hiroshima and then arriving back in Tokyo the following Tuesday before it expires. If I do only this and spend the remaining time in Tokyo would it be best to get only the 7 day pass?

Alternatively, if I take a day trip to Nikko from Tokyo or stay one extra day longer in Kyoto (perhaps to visit Nara) would I be better off getting the 14 day pass if I then return to Tokyo for the rest of my trip?



Hi Sean,

Great plan! I checked your itinerary and both options work. You would be able to make savings with both the 7 day JR Pass and 14 day JR Pass. With the 7 day JR Pass you would spend less money, so you could see this as the budget option. The 14 day JR Pass offers more flexibility, will cover travel in Tokyo as well, in addition to a possible day trip to Nikko (or somewhere else). This would be the flexible option.

You could also consider visiting some place extra if you do go for the 14 day JR Pass. You could for instance add in a visit to Kanazawa or Takayama.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks very much, Daniel! I decided to go with the 1 week pass since it seemed to cover my needs. Appreciate your help in confirming my choice.



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