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7 day jrp

7 Day JRP


I will be in Japan on next 12th November for business trip and visitting relatives. My plan is as below:
13-17 Novemeber: Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Himejishi, Phu Si Moutain
18-22 November: Tokyo

I would like to get JRP and ask that I may choose the day for my 7 day JRP from 14th Nov to 21st Nov?

Thank you and it will be my sincere appreciation if you can answer me asap!

Hieu Phan
Hieu Phan

Hello there,

The key to using a JR Pass effectively is to cover long distances with it. Think think from Kansai - Tokyo. What I am wondering is where you will arrive at in Japan? This can make quite a difference when it comes to using the JR Pass, for instance Tokyo, or Kansai Airport?

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