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7 day jr pass or not?

7 day JR Pass or not?

Hi Daniel-san,
I have planned my first upcoming 14-days trip to Japan on february 5-19.

Here is my itinary:
day1: Kansai airport-> Osaka
day3: Osaka -> Kyoto
between day 3 and 9: round trip to Nara
day 9: Kyoto -> Hiroshima
day 11: Hiroshima -> Tokyo
day 14: Tokyo -> Narita airport

Could you kindly comment if it would be beneficial to purchase a 7-days JR pass ? Or purchase separate passes?

Here are the price I found on hyperdia without JR pass, are they correct?

day1: Kansai airport-> Osaka station: 1160 yen (JR kansai rapid service)
day3: Osaka -> Kyoto station: 540 yen (JR special rapid service)
between day 3 and 9: round trip to Nara: 690 yen x2 (JR Nara line local)
day 9: Kyoto -> Hiroshima: 10590 yen (Shinkansen Hikari 493)
day 11: Hiroshima -> Tokyo -> shinjuku: 18050 yen (Shinkansen sakura 566/Shinkansen Hikari 538) + 190 yen
day 14: Tokyo -> Narita airport: 2740 yen (LTD, EXP NARITA express 15)

If I buy JR pass, do I have to buy additional metro subway/bus passes for Osaka/Kyoto/Kyoto in each city?

Thank you very much,


Hi Emmanuelle,

Yes - your Hyperdia reseach is correct! (you could do my job if you wish). This also kinda answers your first question if a 7 Day JR Pass would be helpful - I think it will be. Kyoto - Hiroshima 10,590 yen and Hiroshima - Shinjuku 18,780, 29,370 total already for a 7 day JR Pass which is 28,300yen. Any travel you may do after here basically is FREE!

The JR Pass is very useful for travel around Tokyo - most major station are connected to the JR Network and it is easy to get around using lines such as the JR Yamanote and JR Chuo line, the same applies for Osaka. In Kyoto however the JR Pass has limited use, instead it is better to use a bus. A 500yen bus ticket is available which gives you unlimited bus rides for a single day.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you Daniel for your feedback!

I am happy to know that my hypermedia prices were correct.
Based on them and on your feedback, I am now able to take my decision:

Finally I will not take the JR pass: according to my trip, it can save around 3000 yen but I have to pay shipping fee to receive the JR pass in China. As a conclusion, I think JR pass is too much constraints for the amount of money saved.

FYI, I found your forum and website very useful to prepare my trip, thanks to the whole JR team!


Happy to help and have a good trip!

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