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7 day jr pass or 5 day kansai hiroshima area pass?

7 day JR pass or 5 day kansai hiroshima area pass?

Based on my itinerary below, which would you recommend?

Day1 kansai airport to kyoto
Day2 kyoto-Arashiyama
Day3 kyoto to hiroshima back to kyoto
Day4 kyoto area
Day5 kyoto to nara to kyoto
Day6 kyoto to kawaguchiko
Day7 kawaguchiko to tokyo
Day8 tokyo area
Day9 tokyo area and to haneda

Looks like 7 day JR fits my first 7 days nicely? However, it does not cover shinkansen nozomi for my day3. How then do i use my 7day jr to travel from kyoto to hiroshima? On the other hand, the 5 day hiroshima area pass does cover nozomi?

Also does 7 day jr cover haruka express from kansai aiport to kyoto?

Another big difference i note is jr 7 day includes reserve seat but not the other pass. What other big difference should I be aware between the 2 passes?



Hi there,

The big difference between both passes is of course the coverage area. Also reserved seating is a pretty big thing, just knowing you have your own seat and being able to book everything in advance is very nice.

Also keep in mind that you can also use the Nozomi between Shin-Osaka and Hiroshima, using the Hikari/Sakura Shinkansen is just the same thing, only with a couple more stops on the way.

The JR Pass also covers the Haruka Express.

Hope this helps,

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