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7 day jr pass.

7 Day JR Pass.


A simple itinerary for family of 6.

Day 1. October 8, 2014

                 Arriving in Narita Airport at 8am.

Day 2 and Day 3. October 9 and 10th.

Some outings we would like to include are:

Meiji Jingu Shrine, Shinjuku Gyoen Garden, The Tsukiji Market, Hama Rikyu Garden, Ginza, Sensoji Temple, Imperial Palace, Edo- Tokyo Museum and Odaiba Island (Rainbow Bridge) Tokyo Tower.

Day 4. October 11. - Travel to Kyoto by Shinkansen.

Day 5, 6. October 12, 13th.

Some outings we would like to include are:

Arashiyama area - Togetsukio bridge, Bamboo grove forest, Kinkaku-ji, Gosho, Kiyomizu-dera, Nanzen-ji, Gion, Nishiki market, Nijo Castle, Fushimi Inari and Sanjusangen-do.

Day 7, October 14 - Travel to Yokohama by Shinkansen.
Next day, board the Cruiseship.

1) Is it worth getting 7 day JR Pass?

2) Which JR pass we need for our trip?

2) Can we use JR Pass from Narita Airport to Yotsuya Station?

3) Is it JR same as Narita Experss (N'EX)?

4) If I get 7 day JR Pass, Should I get round trip JR Pass from Tokyo to Tokyo and purchase one way ticket from Tokyo Station to Yokohama?

4) Traveling Tokyo to Kyoto to Yokohama. Since JR Pass does not include Nozomi Shinkansen. Do I need to take Hikari Shinkansen? How long is the travel time between Tokyo to Kyoto and to Yokohama?

5) When I validate the JR Pass on first day (October 8th) in the morning at the Narita Airport, can I use the JR Pass on anytime last day (October 14th)?

I'm so confused about JR Pass, Please help me.


Hello Susan,

1&2.) I checked your itinerary to see if a JR Pass would be useful.

Narita Airport - Tokyo ¥ 3,020
Tokyo - Kyoto ¥ 13,600
Kyoto - Yokohama ¥ 12,940

For a total of ¥ 29,560, with this alone you would already be making savings as the 7 day JR Pass is ¥ 29,100. The pass is also valid for travel around the local JR network in Tokyo, which is enough to see most of the city.

3.) Yes travel to Yotsuya station is covered.

4.) With the JR Pass travel between Tokyo and Yokohama is also covered.

5.) You can indeed use the Hikari train with the JR Pass travel time from Tokyo - Kyoto is around 160 minutes and 139 Minutes Kyoto - Yokohama.

6.) The JR Pass is counted in days and it would expire at the end of the day (23:59) on the 14th. In other words, you could use it the entire day.

Hope this helps!

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Dear Daniel-san

Thank you very much for all your help. I'm glad to hear that we can take JR line from Narita Airport to Yotsuya

Station. Does Narita Express (JR line) goes all the way to Yotsuya Station or do we need to change to different JR

line at the Tokyo Station? If we have to change, then what is the name or color of the JR line to Yotsuya Station.

I don't see in any subway map shows JR line stop at the Yotsuya Station?

I really appreciate your assistance. Thank you.


Hi Susan,

To get from Narita Airport - Yotsuya, take the Narita Express to Tokyo station. At Tokyo station transfer to the Chuo line (blue line) to Yotsuya station.

Yotsuya is not too far from Tokyo Station, here is a map with all JR lines in Tokyo Yotsuya is just left of Tokyo station.

Hope this helps,

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