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4 weeks itenary - help with pass choice

4 weeks itenary - help with Pass choice

Here is my approximate itenary
19.9.2014 Tokyo
20.9.2014 Tokyo
21.9.2014 Tokyo
22.9.2014 Tokyo
23.9.2014 Nikko
24.9.2014 Nikko
25.9.2014 Tsurunoyu
26.9.2014 Tsurunoyu
27.9.2014 Nikko
28.9.2014 Matsumoto
29.9.2014 Takayama
30.9.2014 Takayama
1.10.2014 Kanazawa
2.10.2014 Kyoto
3.10.2014 Kyoto
4.10.2014 Kyoto
5.10.2014 Kyoto
6.10.2014 Kyoto
7.10.2014 Kyoto
8.10.2014 Koya
9.10.2014 Hiroshima
10.10.2014 Miyajima
11.10.2014 Osaka
12.10.2014 Osaka
13.10.2014 Hakone
14.10.2014 Hakone
15.10.2014 Kamakura
16.10.2014 Tokyo

What pass will you recommend me to use - I think about 21 days from 23.9 on the way to Nikko.
Is it the best option?


Hi there!

Wow thats a hell of a nice itinerary! Adding in places like Nikko, Takayama and Kanazawa really puts the cherry on top.
As for the railpass, I agree with your own assessment, using the JR Pass from 23.9 - 13.10 would cover almost all of your otherwise expansive travel. You could consider a Hakone Free Pass for your travel around the Hakone region and back to Tokyo.

For the rest, I don't have much to add. Again it's a great plan!

Hope this helps!

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Thank you, thank you ,thank you,Daniel ! Of cause it helps!!!
Oh,I'm blushing :) I also like my plan very much. I have two weak points that I'm not sure - 2 days in Osaka,, that I'm still thinking about changing to something else and Kamakura - maybe better going to Fuji.
But mostly I wanted to ask if I can book the pass now or to activate it in September it must be bought not earlier than 2 months before?


Hi again,

Glad to hear you found it useful :)

You can activate the JR Pass up to 90 days after purchase. So I would buy the JR Pass in July or August if you travel in September. You could swap Kamakura for a place closer to Fuji, however keep in mind that you will get a nice view from Hakone already.

Hope this helps!

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