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36 days in japan, what pass/passes?

36 days in Japan, what pass/passes?

My friend and I will be visiting Japan for 36 days, what pass or passes will fit??
Itinerary as follows:
03/21/2014 arrival Kansai and transfer to Hiroshima (visit Himeji or Kurashiki on the way)
03/21-24 Hiroshima - Miyashima and return
03/24-26 Hiroshima/Kobe (visiting Okayama on the way)
03/26-31 Nara (1 day excursion to Koya-san)
03/31-04/06 Kyoto (1 day excursion to Ise-jingu)
04/06-09 Kanazawa
04/09-10 Shirakawa-go
04/10-14 Takayama
04/14-16 Matsumoto
04/16-17 Nagoya
04/17-19 Hakone (1 night at Moto-Hakone (3 day Hakone Pass from Odawara???)
04/19-24 Tokyo (1 day excursion to Nikko)
04/25/2014 departure

One more question about the journey from Kanazawa to Takayama (by bus?? what company??)
When we move from Kanazawa to Shirakawa-go, shall we pass by Gokayama? Or this is an excursion we can take from/to Shirakawa-go where we overnight?

Many thanks for your reply!


Hi Giovanni,

This is a very nice itinerary and 36 days in Japan - I am more than jealous!

Let's have a look a JRPass options, having so many days available does make it hard to match a JRPass to your plan. I tried several options but it seems better to buy normal tickets as you travel. A 21 one day JR Pass would have been great when used for Kansai - Nikko and everything in between, however given the luxury of time, it would only cover travel up to Takayama.

A Hakone Free Pass would certainly be nice for travel around Hakone, so that is something.

Travel to Shirakawago is done using the Nohi bus, between Kanazawa - Shirakawago and Shirakawago - Takayama. Here is their website.

It's a great plan btw!

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel
Thanks so much for your reply. I will follow your suggestion.
As regards Hakone 3 day pass, can I buy this at Odawara Station the day I start the tour or can I purchase this pass at Nagoya (where??) some days before my arrival at Odawara?


Hello Giovanna,

Yes this can be directly purchased at Odawara station, at the Odakyu section.

Hope this helps too!

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Great Help, thanks Daniel


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