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30 day trip

30 day trip

Hello everyone!

I am going to Japan in the beginning of January, 2016.
It is going to be my first time in Japan and I am going to go to a language school for a month, which is in Tokyo.

My question is, which pass should I buy for my trip?

I would go to the school by the JR Sobu Line every weekday, but in the afternoon I would do the touristy stuff and go around quite a lot. I was also thinking of going to Osaka, Kyoto, Akita and maybe Nara or Sapporo, if I have enough time.

So should I buy the 21-day JR pass and maybe the 7-day one,too? Or is there another combination?
I have to use the train line to get from the airport to my place and so back, so I don't know if I should activate my pass on my arrival...

Thank you for reading!


Hi there,

It really depends on how much travel and where you will go. For instance a 7 day JR Pass is already worth it if you make a visit to Kyoto or Osaka. I see you are quite ambitious with Akita and even Sapporo as possible option. With that in mind I would advise a 21 day JR Pass and see if you can cover most of your travel with that. Then just normal tickets for the last week and visit places closer to Kyoto there.

As for travel to the airport, you can certainly use the JR Pass there but it is not required either. There are budget options to travel into Tokyo as well. Such as the shuttle bus or local train lines.

Hope this helps,

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