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3-5 days hakata to kyoto jr regional rail pass

3-5 days Hakata to Kyoto JR Regional rail pass

Dear sir:-
I found out that I can get the Setouchi or the Sanin-sanyo pass for less Y$ than the 7 days JR Pass.

We plan to rent a car in Hakata and drive around Mt. Aso, and stay in Beppu.

We have 4days and 3 nights in Kyoto, and spend the last night in Hiroshima(actually Miyajimamouchi) before heading back to Hakata to fly out of Japan.

Can you recommend what type of JR Regional pass to get to save cost?

thank you Sir.


Hello there,

Please note that here at JR we only focus on the nation wide JR Pass.

However you could use the Setouchi pass for this itinerary and make savings compared to normal tickets. I would advise contacting your point of sale for further questions.

All the best,

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