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21 days travel

21 days travel

Hi Daniel-san

My husband and I will be travelling for 21 days from Tokyo in coming November/December period. However, not sure which would be the best JR pass to buy or just single trips and get Kansai thru pass and Takayama-Hokuriku Pass etc.

This is what we have planned.

DAY 1 Arrive to Tokyo in the evening
DAY 2 Tokyo
DAY 3 Tokyo
DAY 4 Tokyo
DAY 5 Tokyo
DAY 6 Tokyo
DAY 7 Tokyo to Osaka
DAY 8 Osaka (day trip to Kyoto)
DAY 9 Osaka (day trip to Himeji castle/Kobe)
DAY 10 Osaka (day trip to Nara or Koyasan)
DAY 11 Osaka
DAY 12 Osaka
DAY 13 Osaka To Kanazawa
DAY 14 Kanazawa To Takayama
DAY 15 Takayama
DAY 16 Takayama
DAY 17 Takayama To Tokyo
DAY 18 Tokyo (Mt Fuji tour)
DAY 19 Tokyo
DAY 20 Tokyo
DAY 21 Tokyo to Narita


Hi there,

I think the best option here is to look at a 14 day JR Pass, for travel from Day 7 to Day 20. This will cover travel between all the cities you plan to visit. Only for Koya and possibly Fuji would you need additional transport. The JR Pass espcially works well, since you've planned so many day trips from Osaka.

Travel within Tokyo is not that expansive and you can use an IC card like Suica for easy access or buy day pases, such as the Tokyo Metro Day Pass.

The JR Pass can also be used for local travel on JR lines in Tokyo, and since you have quite a a good amount of time there. Why not add in a day trip somewhere. I see you'll already visit Fuji, you could also add in Kamakura, Nikko or Yokohama. These are all great places to visit and you'll get the best out of the JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel-san

Thank you very much for your quick and resourceful reply :D

It was really late when I posted this last night that even forgot to put down my name :p

Thanks again and have a great weekend




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