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21 days jr pass

21 Days JR pass

My husband and I are arriving in Tokyo from Sydney on 21st Dec and have purchased a 21 days JR pass. This is our first trip to Japan and we are quite fond of winter holidays. So far our itinerary includes 5 days in Tokyo with possible day trips to Yokohama and Hakone. We are leaving Tokyo Boxing Day and thinking of heading out to Hiroshima and Fukuoka. We have booked accommodations in Kyoto for New Years Eve and New Years Day. Then head to Kanazawa (3 days), Takayama (2days), Osaka (3 days) then to Nagano on the 10th January. We get a free shuttle from Nagano to the airport. So a 21day JRpass would be sufficient for us, wouldn't it?
Could you also kindly advise if our itinerary is doable, that we won't be going back and forth, back and forth too many times? Can we get direct trains to these places with the JR pass? Can we squeeze in extra day trips to other places?
We would appreciate any advise you can give us and look forward to your response. Thank you so much.


Hi there,

The JR Pass covers travel between all the places you will visit and the pass works wonders by visiting Hiroshima and Fukuoka as well. With 21 days to spend, you'll have enough time to visit each place and even add in a couple of day trips here and there. While there are some transfers here and there. For instance to Hiroshima, these are easy to make and not much the worry about. The longest trip will be from Tokyo - Hiroshima and Fukuoka - Kyoto, so bring a good book or something to keep your mind occupied during these trips. You could plan in a stop on the way to break up the travel time. For instance, Himeji is a nice stop to explore the local castle for an hour or two, or you could enjoy lunch in Kobe on the way from Tokyo - Hiroshima.

It all looks good for the rest and don't see any difficulties.
Hope this helps!

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Thank you, Daniel. You have been very helpful.


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