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2 weeks from tokyo to hirosima

2 weeks from Tokyo to Hirosima

I would like to know how can i get to Hirosima on the 3rd of April after 17.30. and woth to by a 2 weeks pass.
If i am right we can travel by Nozomi from Narita at 19.00 but this train is not included JP Pass. But no other option at night.
We are planning the following program:
3-8. April: Hirosima
8-9. April: Osaka (Kobe)
9-11. April: Kyoto (Nara)
11-15. April: Tokyo (Fuji, Yokohama)

Please let me know which is the best choice:
1. Buy a 14 days JR Pass (question how can we get to Hirosima on the 3rd of April after 17.30. If we have to stay one night in Narita airport or Tokyo it is an extra expense because we have free accomodation in Hirosima)
2. Buy a 7 days JR Pass (from 7. April) We have to buy a ticket to Nozomi (18.000 yen) on 3rd of April to travel to Hirosima which is extra expense). With JR Pass we can use the ferry between Hiroshima and Miyajima on the 7th of April. And travel with this from Hirosima to Osaka, from Osaka to Kobe and back to Osaka, from Osaka to Kyoto, from Kyoto to Nara and back to Kyoto, from Kyoto to Tokyo, from Tokyo to Fuji and Yokohama.

Thanks and best regards,
We can use


Hi Orsi,

This situation is a little complicated! I've tried to work out both options to see where they lead.

Option 1.
The last option you can take from Narita to Hiroshima with the JR -Pass is this route. This would mean leaving Narita Airport at 17:16. You could also go to Tokyo and then take the Sunrise Seto overnight to Okayama and from there take a morning train to Hiroshima, which is the next stop by Shinkansen. The train is popular though, so I don't know if you will be able to acquire seats that late in the day.

Please note that if you decide to travel from Narita Airport to Hiroshima the total price of the ticket will be ¥ 20,840 because you also have to take the Narita Express to Tokyo before you can board the Nozomi.

Option 2.
If you go for option 2 with the 7-Day JR-Pass, you would be able to make the following savings:
Hiroshima --> Osaka ¥ 10,520
Osaka Kobe (return) 780
Osaka -> Kyoto 540
Kyoto Nara (return) 1,380
Kyoto --> Tokyo ¥ 13,220
Tokyo Yokohama 900 (return)

27,030 which is just short of the price of the 7-Day JR-Pass (28,300). It would probably even out as you can make some savings with it too while you travel to Fuji and you can use it on local trains in Tokyo. You could also buy it for the convenience it brings of not having the buy tickets every time you travel.

Personally I would try to find a budget accommodation near Narita Airport and then travel on the next morning in a more relaxed manner.

Hope this helps,

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Dear Daniel, thank for your useful answer!


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