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2 passes

2 Passes

Hi, I am coming to Japan for a couple of months travelling South to North landing in Fukuoka. If I buy 2 passes do they come as two separate passes? or are they joint name passes? I would have to activate the second one later than the first.

Also I am landing on the 28th December, are there any dates I cannot use the trains? I guess not 1st Jan but are there more dates I should be aware of?

Thanks :)


Hi Mark,

You can buy more than 1 rail pass if you like. These are seperate from each other and can be activated at any time within 90 days after purchase.

The pass can be used any day of the year, however seats may be sold out on busy travel days. That means either taking a non-reserved seat or making a seat reservation 2-3 days in advance.

Hope this helps,

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