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16 days in may

16 Days in May

Good Day

We 4 will be visiting your country in May from Alaska. Our plans are to arrive in Tokyo on the 9th and tour the town until May 16th when we head off for an overnight stay in Hakena. Then Kyoto from May 17th to May 24th and finally a trip to spend a day and night in Osaka. Finally we haven't decided whether to fly home from Osaka pr head back to Tokyo for our return flight.

In summary:
travel from airport to Tokyo May 9th check into hotel tour Tokyo including Disney May 10th thru May 16th travel to and overnight in Hakena May 16th check into Ryoken Travel to and tour Kyoto May 17th thru May 24th travel to Osaka and overnight on May 24th ???? either A) return to Tokyo for our return flight on May 25th

           or B)  return to the USA from Osaka on May 25th

can we purchase 4 16-day JR passes?

what would you recommend

thank you
Ed D


Hi Ed,

I am not sure where Hakena is? Do you mean Hakone by any change?

Usually I'd recommend a 7 day JR Pass for a return Tokyo - Osaka, however since you've got a good amount of time to spend in Osaka, I think that it would be better to purchase tickets as you travel. This is also the saver option as you don't know when whether you will return to Tokyo or fly out from Osaka.

Hope this helps!

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