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16 days in japan

16 days in Japan

My itinerary:

Oct. 21 - arrive. Haneda to Asakusa.
Oct. 22 - 27 probably in and around Tokyo
Oct. 28 - Tokyo to Kyoto
Oct. 31 - One day visit to Hiroshima
While staying in Kyoto, probable visits to Osaka an.d other close areas
Nov. 5 - Kyoto to Tokyo, then to Haneda

Is it worth getting a 7 day pass or 14 day pass?
Thank you so much for considering this dilemma!


Hi there!

I would suggest going for the 14 day JR Pass to cover your travel from Tokyo - Kyoto - Hiroshima and back.
A 7 day JR Pass would give you some really amazing savings if you could be back in Tokyo when the 7 days are over but you will be able to make some good savings even with the 14 day JR pass.

The great thing about going for the 14 day JR Pass is that it offers the greatest flexibility and you can take the train anytime that you feel like it. In addition the local JR network in Tokyo and Osaka are covered as well, making for easy budgeting.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks so much, Daniel. It helps a lot.


Thanks so much, Daniel. It helps a lot.


Use 14 day pass from Oct 23-Nov 5.
If your Kyoto-Tokyo total trip was 7 days, I would have suggested 7 day pass since Haneda - Asakusa is not far.

Have fun!!!


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